Daiyo LPR 71-DL 12W LED Surfaced Panel Light Round Shape (Day Light)

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Daiyo LED Panel Light is built with a cooler diode that uses lesser electricity, perfectly design as a replacement for conventional downlight that can be easily replaced and install on surfaces such as false ceilings or concrete ceilings that provides a gentle and constant non-glare light, to build a healthier lighting environment for the eye.

  • A good quality built-in reflector helps to reflect light via the embedded Side-lit technology in Daiyo’s LED Panel Light
  • Low energy consumption and long-lasting brightness. Daiyo’s LED Panel Light profile lamp is more energy-efficient than fluorescent light wattage, it lasts 3 times longer and saves cost. Provides you with a better lighting experience!
  • Colour index > 80, close to natural light and restore true colour. It illuminates a colourful household environment and conveys comfortable atmosphere.
  • Solid-state structure that’s reduces heating.
  • High brightness and colour rendering LED chip provide a gentle and constant light that will not fade or form any dark unlighted areas.
  • Built with constant current driver and Solid-state LED chips that prolongs a longer LED life and significant energy savings.
  • Eco–friendly & Low power consumption.
  • Day Light
  • 12W


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